Doors at 7 music at 7:30  $20 (all money goes to the musicians)

AJ & Nuala

A. J. Roach‘s songs knocked me out when I first heard him at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass a few years ago. He’s a little low on the radar and I wondered how to hear more of him. When the wonderful Celtic flutist Nuala Kennedy played here my jaw dropped when she mentioned that she was married to A.J. Go figure! Later she said they’d be in town together and I was thrilled to invite them both.

Here’s a little bit more about them from their website together:

“Nuala Kennedy was born and raised on the scenic shores of the east coast of Ireland. A. J. Roach was born 4,000 miles away in the rugged Appalachian mountains of Southwestern Virginia. They met in the autumn of 2009 at a songwriting retreat in the hills of southwest Scotland and realized that while they had grown up on opposite sides of an ocean, the musical traditions that each were steeped in and that both had chosen to carry on were not nearly so distant from one another. Many Ulster ballads and tunes made their way across that ocean, and like the people who brought them, these songs found new life in the mountains and hollows of Appalachia.”

I think this will be an extraordinary show and I’m so happy to invite you to meet and hear them.

Reservations required to assure you a or 510 525-9248.

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